Lessons I learned from the past 2 weeks from friends, books and observations about Art and Business:

” Three things that cannot be long hidden. The Sun the Moon and the Truth.”

This is one of my favourite Buddha quotes
Trust and honesty.
– It’s what people really want from a relationship whether it’s with a friend,  life partner, business/ partner employee or employer.
-People want to have transparency when dealing with a business. People want  “Open Kimono” , this is a new art series I am starting to work on.
-The truth is that everyone has exaggerated or lied or twisted the truth at least once. An example when I was a troublesome teenager my mother would often ask me during breakfast what time I came home last night and I would tell her I came home early which meant early in the morning to me and it meant some else to my dear mother.
-There are situations where this behaviour can be temporarily acceptable and other where one exaggeration can be a deal breaker and unacceptable.
-I have told my friends and loved ones that you need a very good memory to be a liar and it is simply to much work and pain.

These are some random photos from my cell phone over the last week.

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The balance and acceptance and understanding that somethings Constantly Change and some things Never Change.
Example of constant change: a business must constantly innovate in order to survive for the long term. There will be constant threats to your business.  You either accept some of the pain of innovation or reject it and assure poverty and pain for almost everyone all the time .
Example of the some things that Never Change: a business must be profitable in order to survive the long term.
I am making a life list of the things that will never change:

-I need to make decisions and make a judgement call on multiple things each day. This is important in Art and Leadership.
-The artist and leaders I admire the most make decisions fast based on the information they have. The indecisive person rarely makes the decision and if they do, often changes it several times.
-I use a pros-and-cons list to help me make decisions sometimes. I get a sheet of paper and make a vertical line down the middle on the left side is Pros on the right is Cons.  I place a numeric value on the weighting of certain pros and cons and totalling them up.  I try to make all my decisions and judgements based on what is best for the LONG TERM benefit and happiness of the people involved.
-Another very important exercise I learned about is to visualise and ask advice from the older version of myself. How would the 55, 65 or 95 year old me advise myself to do. Another technique I use is thinking what decision would the wisest people I know in history and religion do.
-I reflected that I grew and created myself to be a judgemental young man and that I should lose some of my pre judgements that only limit my openness when dealing with others.
– Example: as a young man I viewed all bald men as old and ugly now that I am bald. This judgement does not do me any good especially when I look in the mirror and say good morning to the good guy:)