Summers over and School has started for the boys.

When I was in elementary school I wanted to be an artist.  The one way that I stood out in the entire class was when I created drawings and watercolor paintings .  My teachers would often gather all the students around to take a look at my artwork.  In summary, it was the one thing I could do better than the average  person. Until I was Grade 9, while on a family vacation to London, I was struck by the image of a starving artist selling his artwork on the streets; this image never left me, I looked sad and miserable to be an artist.  I was a happy kid  and I had already started enjoying making narrative artwork . I love studying  the human face  seeing the difference in a child’s face  and an old man’s face  and at the same time I saw the child’s face in the old man’s face .  I did cross sections of Faces in my art work and paintings and I enjoyed doing  descriptive narrative artwork  that had a story, because I also had a love for Social Studies and history. I wanted to make a comfortable, significant living so I chose to pursue commercial photography.  When I became a photographer, you start viewing the world through a camera lens perspective. Your senses sharpens in your mind and eyes are  focused on  people and what they’re doing . I was always clicking a picture in my mind  at objects  even if I didn’t have my camera with me .  I learn to greatly improve my powers of observation  and it’s allowed me to experience a richer life . It also forced me to go places  which I would possibly wouldn’t have the motivation to explore and see  because of the in uncontrolled desire and thirst  to document capture an experience  something.  It forced me to go to remote islands in Indonesia that took 2 days to get two in a week to get off . I think the greatest gift from photography was it helped me to explore my life deeper  and  eventually study other people’s lives  at the same time  which has been a great blessing . When I have the time to meet a subject of a photograph  and have time to talk to them  and get to know them it’s a real gift.  It means that you encountered your whole subject matter for the time being. It means looking beyond just labels and things  and discovering  another person’s wonderful world around them . When I graduated from high school, I knew right away I wanted to be a photographer. I studied mostly commercial and corporate photography in product photography when I started it.



Favorite ideas I encountered from observations in the last 2 weeks.

Plato encouraged his fellow citizens to master their thoughts so they could do whatever they wanted with them. The ability to control our thoughts as difficult as it might seem at times is an amazingly valuable asset. It can only improve our lives and minimize the effects of stinking thinking and maximize positive productive happy thoughts, that make all the good things in our life happen and determine who we become. Simple as this principle is it is a hard habit to completely master and takes daily practice and self-awareness. Habits change into character, and character is simply habit long continued.


Went to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon via Las Vegas for a 2 day trip it was a super beautiful place and a good contrast between the 2 places.