Art Talk About Stretch.

It was 2 weeks ago when I jumped out of my Manila Taxicab from the airport after a fantastic four day adventure to one of my favorite tropical paradises, Boracay Island. I walked into the magnificent Picasso Residence Hotel. The receptionist said to me and my 2 friends that our accommodations have been upgraded, and I was feeling great like I was the king of the world….. Then the receptionist asked me for my passport, I reached into my pocket and had a feeling of slow motion panic… I couldn’t find it. How I could lose my passport! I thought to myself, this is impossible, I’ve got a flight in about 24 hours to Tokyo and I had a busy day planned to visit my aunt and uncle and a few friends and a full schedule plan in Japan to visit some hot springs near Mount Fuji in 36 hours … But it was real. It turned out that the loss of my passport that took two days of time until I can get a new passport and a new flight would be a great timeless life lesson for me and may prove to be the greatest long-term benefit from my amazing trip. During the whole trip, I had constant stimulation from my traveling companions and a fast pace travel plan consisting of about 10 flights in 12 days. Now it was just me waiting in self-imposed isolation for my new passport. It could take one day or five days to get the passport. I learned to accept the situation after doing everything I could. My biggest lesson was something that will serve me for a very long time, I developed a new practice. I call it” 3 breaths 2 questions 1 view”.

Step 1. Three deep breathes, this helps to center me and remind me that the most important thing I can do right now is simply breathe. If I was to stop breathing for 30 seconds, Nothing Else Matters. Every concern shrinks every obstacle or challenge is miniscule.
Step 2. Then I ask myself the first question” do I have any negativity Within Me?” Then I ask the second question” does it help me in anyway? ”
Step 3. View any concern as an inverse paranoid, this means to look at every challenge in my life as the universe conspiring to help me grow. If I see my challenges as blessings I find there’s more flow and happiness within me.
This practice takes me usually about 30 to 90 seconds and I try to do it 3 times a day.
It has helped me grow an even deeper feeling of courage and confidence and take risks and have a greater adventure. It helps me remember that I will win and overcome any changes that life has…. because in my world, the good guys always win!