Observations this week.

I was in Orlando Florida on a photo shoot for my customer/teacher the day before the election. I was doing some photos and video at a warehouse that made wax figures for wax museums. I saw 3 new wax figures of Donald Trump, with his thumbs up, he looked taller than I though. The next morning on the day of the election I was doing a photoshoot in a warehouse full of magazines and saw a news week cover with Hillary Clinton on the cover with the tag line ” Madam President” with the tag line Hillary Clinton’s Historic Journey to the White House. I decided to ask some intelligent mature men who they were voting for and they all said Trump.

I was clearly reminded of an important lesson reminded to me by my teacher, that even well run growing businesses with great managers get hurt if the manager is not on site or present. Sometimes the damage or mistakes will show up in a few days, months, or years but there is a real cost if the manager is not engaged or present on the job. This seems like an obvious concept, but great managers sometimes can cause a false sense of comfort. That everything will continue growing and running smooth if I am not on site, this is not true for extended periods of time. You even see it with iconic businesses like Dell computers and Starbucks when there founders walked away for a while only to return to rebuild the company.