My teacher and client who I admire the most, has an amaZING sense of self control. From everything to diet, work, thoughts, he keeps his focus laser beam sharp while being very considerate and kind to others.

A person with self-control will not permit himself to be influenced by the pessimists, nor will they permit another person to do their thinking for them. A lot of great achievements start with imagination plus a focused plan + self-control + action. My favorite quotes from this week are….

“Others May Sidetrack your ambitions a few times, remember that discouragement most frequently comes from within.”

“The growth of wisdom can be directly measured accurately by the decline of ill-temper and negative thinking.”

Use self control and do not give up.

It’s amazing to think that no other animal has ever been blessed with such self-control as humans. We are endowed with the power to use the most highly organized form of energy, which is our thoughts. It is possible that our thoughts are the closest connecting link there is between the material and spiritual world.

Your brain is like a generator that can be influenced and controlled with auto suggestion. But it can also be controlled by negative external forces. It is embarrassing to think the fact that most of our thoughts are produced but outside suggestions from others that are often examined without questioning their fact; We are all swayed by gossip and idle chatter and think that every thought is true. Thought is the only thing that we have absolute control over. So don’t let others enter your secret castle of your mind and deposit their negative suggestions or troubles and worries. I have the power to close the doors to raise the drawbridge to my Castle and keep negativity out. But it’s a constant exercise of self-awareness and reflecting.

Self-control is solely a matter of thought control. If you are searching for the key that will unlock the door to great power you have it between your ears. Use daily autosuggestion to develop positive constructive thoughts that harmonize with your life purposes and that mind will transform those thoughts into physical reality and hand them to you as a finished product when you combine a focused plan of action.  When you deliberately use self-control it is one of the highest and most efficient form of being a good human being.