My favorite quote from this summer is a, Greek proverb, “A society grows great when old men plant trees they know whose shade they shall never sit in.”

Now that Dillons my oldest son is back from school we started our family meetings again which we have done usually on a quarterly basis. We each have a flash card where we put three of our primary personal goals down and share them. Then we review our successes, failures, and things we learned and how we can all help each other achieve our individual goals. I was enjoying reading a book by Stephen Covey and was inspired to start a family mission statement with the boys. We came up with 4L = Live, Love, Learn, Legacy.
Live= the home is a safe place to nurture each other.
Love= we offer unconditional love, this doesn’t mean we’re not sometimes unhappy with certain people’s behavior but there’s unlimited tolerance, kindness, love, and loyalty even after someone has behaved badly and we’ve had enough time to calm down.
Learn= We all want to grow and have our Human Experience Blossom like a flower. In order to do that we must be open to constantly improving and growing ourselves and learning from our mistakes and continue to stay positive and move forward.
Legacy= Do the right thing for the long term. Make things better after we move through different life environments, relationships and situations. Our time on this planet is temporary, so try to make things a little better everywhere we go when possible.  BELOW RECENT WORK